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Visit our Sky-Frame showroom in Etoy

Acomet Sky-Frame Premium Partner 2022

ACOMET SA Showroom SkyFrame à Etoy (VD)

Come along to our showroom located in the Gétaz-Miauton exhibition centre in Etoy (VD) and discover our range of Sky-Frame sliding windows. Freely accessible, the showroom can provide you with documentation on our ranges of products.

Opening time
Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm
Saturday, 9am to 6pm

For a personal appointment, you can contact Mr. Thomas Navarro:
079 953 81 30

For any other question:
024 473 62 62

More than just a window, what Sky-Frame offers is a view.

The frameless Sky-Frame sliding windows, of which Acomet is an official distributor, makes the transition between the interior and the exterior seamless.
Sky-Frame frameless windows, available in sizes up to a maximum of 4 meters high, slide on several rails and can make entire facades disappear.

Inspired by the concept of «A view, not a window» they transform the living environment by inviting nature to enter into the house. A seamless transition between Interior and exterior, the world becomes an integral part of the architecture of the living environment, while providing a simultaneous sense of freedom and security.

With manual or remote-controlled opening Swiss made Sky-Frame glazing can be equipped with alarm systems. It can also fulfil the most demanding requirements in terms of thermal insulation and security.

Sky-Frame is the world leader in the sliding window systems industry. Several thousand buildings across all five continents are equipped with Sky-Frame systems. Acomet is an official Sky-Frame distributor in Switzerland.


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