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High Quality Sliding Bay Windows

Swiss-quality air-lux® bay windows, offering maximum thermal and acoustic comfort, are available in unparalleled shapes and sizes.

With its patented pneumatic expansion joint sealing concept, the Swiss air-lux® system of large-surface sliding bay window facades (up to 18 m2), flush with the floor and ceiling, guarantees a perfectly impermeable seal and maximum thermal comfort and noise insulation, whether it is raining or blowing a gale. In addition, air-lux® offers a wide range of opening and tilting options, all-glass corners, textile shading solutions, integrated LED control panel or control via mobile devices.

The air-lux® connect range combines aluminium-framed exteriors with 16 types of wood for interior areas, in oiled, waxed, brushed or sanded finishes.

Minimal thresholds, a barely-there slot in the ground, offer easy access for people with reduced mobility.

air-lux®: 98% glass - 2% profile - 100% architecture

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