Certificat ISO9001:2008 Acomet SA

Social responsibility is our duty, creativity fuels our engine, quality is our objective and respect for the environment is our constant.

When we set our objectives here at Acomet SA, the needs of our employees and customers are integrated into the process.
The health and safety of our employees is a priority for us. Anticipation is threaded into the corporate culture at Acomet SA, where we are very attentive to economic realities.
This approach ensures that the company is adept at creating new products, and is also a much-appreciated proactive employer.

Our bold and entrepreneurial customers have come to expect creative solutions from us and the solutions we propose live up to those expectations.

Acomet SA, ISO certified, is actively involved in major contracts for the public sector. The company works with high quality products and provides services that meet extremely exacting standards in terms of quality.

As a trusted partner, Acomet SA cultivates friendly and convivial relations with its customers and suppliers.

Concern for the protection of the environment exerts an undeniable influence over our projects and our whole way of thinking, particularly in terms of the choice of products, the methods we use to produce them and their capacity to be recycled.


ISO 9001 certified since 1998, every day we make it our endeavour to achieve greater efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.